Prepare for the next upgrade in the Maplestory Mesos
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Prepare for the next upgrade in the Maplestory Mesos

Bagepalli, Karnataka, India Published date: July 7, 2018

Prepare for the next upgrade in the Maplestory Mesos Reboot trilogy: Harness the power of the mind with the new playable character class, Kinesis! Then, see the recently updated Mu Lung Dojo, and fight through 41 floors of monsters to be given a ranking and earn Mu Lung Dojo points. All this and more, in the Kinesis update!

Meet Kinesis, MapleStory's new character, who uses the power of telekinesis to attack and control critters and nearby objects! Kinesis begins in FriendStory and is popularly called a local hero. When specific events spin out of control, Kinesis is transported into Maple World. Kinesis shops up Psychic Points (PP) using abilities, and may then use PP to power various Ultimate skills. The main weapon is that the PSY-Limiter, which resembles a bracelet. The Chess Piece is the secondary weapon, and Kinesis can utilize Magician armor.

The current Mu Lung Dojo is becoming overhauled to become ranked content for gamers Lv. 105 and over. Defeat the monsters on all 41 flooring of this dojo to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos get Mu Lung Dojo points to invest in the exceptional store. You may also pick up a special charm which permits you to see the Mind and Body Training Center at which you can automatically acquire EXP as time passes. Depending on your ranking, you can earn gloves and titles!

Visit Star World, a property galaxies away from Maple World, and complete quests to assist the inhabitants of MapleStory become constellations. Make Constellation Coins and swap them for multiple constellation-themed seats, medals and more!

The holiday celebrations continue in Maple World! Monsters are starting to shed snowflakes. Gather the snowflakes and turn them in to NPC Cassandra to obtain a Snowflake chair. Then celebrate the arrival of 2016 with a countdown and special events on New Year's Eve.

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