I could CHOOSE to turn off the game
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I could CHOOSE to turn off the game

Bombooflat, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India Published date: October 8, 2019

Because you would like it to be, it's as grindy. I have been enjoying OSRS since release and I still do not possess a single 99 ability since it's just not necessary to appreciate - or be good at the sport. This isn't like WoW, where your route is streamlined and everybody has nearly the very same goals. The battle system might be simple first glance but notably in PvP and endgame PvM, it can have a great deal of depth and yes, it has a"ability ceiling". OSRS battle requires fast and precise clicking, which requires a ton more skill than tab targetting and spamming keyboard buttons to get rotations such as in WoW. I've not ever heard of that"bug" you are talking about. Because it's not necessary, there is not any level climbing in PvP.

You can only attack players based on your own and their combat level. Low levels usually combat low levels and high levels and degrees struggle. It's true, you're expected to buy supplies like food, potions and arrows in order to pvp, what's so bad about this? There is construct variation in PvP. Honestly, you do seem knowledgable and unbiased enough to give a fair assessment of OSRS. You seem like a sour WoW fanboy that missed out on Runescape because it had"shit images" and is now badmouthing the match in an attempt to justify his bad decision and feel better about himself.

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I think somebody reminiscent of write this whole comment the time'wasted' on the game. I've seen people who loved the sport say similar things, but most of what you have said paints you as both ignorant and dumb because quite frankly your main beef with the game is actually just a personal preference of game play.You can not call my observation that the game is only grinding an opinion. It is objectivly accurate, rather than in a way that is good. Some one said that it's"as grindy as you want it to be," and I really had a chuckle out loud. That is true in the sense that, yes, I really could grind in the game. Or walk off and I could CHOOSE to turn off the game. What a choice? Preference may be a factor in my opinion; but there's at least one quantitative factor that can always be used to quantify the values, irrespective of preferance of a game.

That step is only: content / alternativly, or time: articles / price. A"game" like runescape has hardly any content, and a huge price. Therefore it is poor, objectivly. You might ALWAYS be playing something. You might be brainwashed enough to state :"No! There is HUNDREDS of hours of content in the game" Or a lot of a sociopath to think:"Another players ARE the content!" But you'd be objectivly wrong that your oponion has no value. That's not content, that's a slog. If you play a private OSRS server that has the grining turned down to a good level, you'll immediately realize that the game just has about 40 hours of articles in it complete (Plus minigames, but those are by definition different games).

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