WoW Classic: Some technical problems are now better resolved
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WoW Classic: Some technical problems are now better resolved

123 Street, Atul, Gujarat, India Published date: December 23, 2019

Let's go back to 2004, when Vanilla World of Warcraft was just released. Interesting stories and unique gameplay quickly attracted a large number of players, and with the influx of a large number of players, the server also began to appear various problems, most of which were technical issues. With the release of WoW Classic by Blizzard, players can now see the Azeroth continent in the game 15 years ago. What is different is that with the upgrading of technology, technical problems that were unavoidable in the past now have perfect solutions.

Blizzard's first problem was server congestion. In order to enable players to retain their own character names, Blizzard opened the character creation function in advance. Although these players cannot enter the game, they can already create characters and name them. Developers find that some servers are overpopulated and some fields are empty. To do this, they need to direct players to a less populated area to get a better gaming experience and avoid stress on the server. At the same time, they still have New alternatives.

Omar Gonzalez, the senior software engineer on World of Warcraft Classic said that they now have a number of backup options, can open new servers at any time as needed, and can be applied immediately. Of course, in order to keep the community alive, they will only open new servers if necessary. That said, when the game is just released, players still have to wait in the queue for a long time.

In the past, large-scale PvP battles between players of rival factions often caused direct server crashes. Such clashes are often triggered by fighting between two people, both of whom ask for reinforcements from their faction and their guild players. When hundreds of people attack and release skills in an area, your character will not be able to take any action and will be automatically disconnected soon. But this problem will not exist now. Especially on the section between Southshore and Tarren Mill, Horde and Alliance players will be able to engage in epic PvP battles as they please. If it is challenging to suit your needs, you'll be able to go to ZZWOW and buying some cheapest WoW Classic Gold. ZZWOW is often the best gold seller!

Of course, for some time after the game was released, the birth area was the most crowded place. Players need to compete for a monster with thousands of players. To solve this problem, Blizzard introduced layering technology, which can separate players in a region into different instances, they experience the same game content, but will not affect each other. This will avoid congestion around areas like the Valley of Honor and Northshire Abbey, and lessen the load on launch.

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