Do these people actually have fun playing Runescape?
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Do these people actually have fun playing Runescape?

Megaomgchen, DeraGopipur, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: October 4, 2020

Searching via a Treasure Trail Guide, I discovered a few very rare, and very expensive products. Level one has the fashionable Flared Trousers, level two has cloaks and also the famed Ranger Boots, and level three includes 3rd Age, trimmed armour, plus much more. However, what is - most players do not get these items very often. Some could do hundreds of clues searching for 3rd Age, but never get any type of it. This seems odd to me, as people can get that same value in a day or two making 500k an hour continuously.

So that it appears simple, right? There is another side to this argument. It's true that you may earn a steady paycheck skilling, however you loose something that's key to the equation. It's called fun. It's the point of a movie game, remember? Every day I log on and see users chugging away to their favorite 99's, making money as I was pointing out. Yet do these folks actually have fun playing Runescape?

I will continue to perform Treasure Trails. While it might not be the most effective way to make money, it is not all about getting wealthy. There is a challenge to go through each time I get a Clue, a racing feeling right before I open the casket. Will I get a different hint, or will this be my benefit? Will the reward be good, or will I have to try again sometime later?

Who knows? And that is the purpose. What is your opinion? I always see alot of posts asking how to make money, the replies usualy are dull, require cmbat abilities to be high, or need high stats (75+). My way is pretty straightforward, and maximizes at 460k an hour. The minimum you may make will be 100k an hour. You need 50 rc, not gont require too long... Want 50 rc. The Great Orb Project is a Runecrafting minigame located in the Runecrafting Guild. To play this game, players must have a Runecrafting level of 50, and they should also have finished the Rune Mysteries quest. The official worlds for this minigame are 60 for members and 61 for free players. The tower is situated south of Draynor Village, or throughout the East teleport from the Wizards' Guild. The objective of this game is for players to move because many orbs corresponding to their group color as they can to the altars. The group with the most orbs when the timer runs out wins. Tips: Using a high runecrafting level makes your barriers stronger and you are able to break the opposing teams obstacles a lot more readily. Always have at least 8 (or 6 to get non-members) inventory spaces reserved for carrying the crafted runes. This eliminates the requirement of banking runes after each game. Try to keep as many character as possible before the previous round, in which Nature runes may be crafted. This is because Nature runes would be the most lucrative runes, selling for around 310 coins each.

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