If this was another year where stats mattered
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If this was another year where stats mattered

Megaomgchen, DeraGopipur, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: November 4, 2020

I only want superstar mode back!!! If they created madden 05 but with ps4 graphics it is by far the greatest Madden ever. Even Madden 08 where based on your performance from the combine it determines your overall and you may do the iq test and also have an agent.

One more thing Madden could do would be get ride of there hollow practice mode and make it into something like UFC were the groundwork means alot. Like we can have jobs mid-week like study there defense and work on money plays thay gives you skill points and then you can allocate the point to other players on your team for this week. From the NFL that week ahead of the game is very important to what happens on Sunday

I do think that is far better than Madden 17-20 but there's still SO MUCH things they could do I expect EAs on the right track after getting completely embarrassed by the public but hello....its Madden. Great write up, but"hey, it's Madden" is the complacency that EA is banking on clients believe.

It's the hottest game in the usa and honestly I believe the absence of a fantastic madden game for the past decade has made less of soccer fan. I'm 23 so I grew up playing NCAA road to glory and celebrity style and the immersion is simply gone. I remember loading up Madden 13 (the first year that they added connected franchise) and that I was like wtf is this? And it's gotten worse lol. I am a career mode player (in every sports name )never messed with supreme team and that I feel like I am last of a dieing breed. I switched to 2k and the match has its flaws but atleast they put effort into mycareer and I think that is what made me follow basketball more then soccer since like 2014.

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If this was another year where stats mattered and what not totally have a goal line vulture. This year I dont even bother trigger every you can fall ahead .If you saw his rigid arm last week that throw power is logical. Lacy really had some wheels though. For approximately 30 yards then he ran out of petrol lol. Ya in his first couple years. When he placed on all of the weight he definitely lost speed. He was a beast it's a bummer he couldn't control his weight. The Scariest Thicc Heroes obtained Id be Kelvin Benjamin and Eddie Lacy in their expanded state.

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