If you play with a lot or spend a great deal of money
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If you play with a lot or spend a great deal of money

Megaomgchen, Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, India Published date: August 22, 2020

I have been playing and can not compete with most men just due to power. They reduce all of my madden max men to 94 spd and theirs only stay at 99 cuz of the +5 boost. Negative boosters do nothing to them because the stats only fill back in by the energy diff. 1 play td each time for them. Yup. Power, stat boosters, stat reducers, etc.. I am really not a fan of all this arcade-y"competitive" garbage. Let me have fun and play OVR vs OVR. This stuff is one of the biggest reasons I've largely avoided PvP this past year. I used to enjoy it back.

If you play with a lot or spend a great deal of money will be a lot better than Madden NFL players. I am FTP and that I understand I'm not likely to be the best Madden NFL player and I am fine with this. Why should somebody who only downloaded Madden NFL be able to beat somebody who's been playing all year? They shouldn't, however, the discrepancy should just be based off entire. Throwing power level, and the +5 benefit that accompanies it, on top of it is simply dumb, imo.

I've 6 max Madden NFL players as FTP, a couple more than most in my league who invest. From my experience, getting max badges is not an issue of P2P or FTP, it's more about the mill. You have to grind seasons, promos, as well as the AH. Also be effective with your coins. This is one instance, I perform about a season per day and from there I receive 90s. Use this to purchase 1.5-2 badges. By purchasing every bunch accessible now a complete whale can skip the mill, but they also help fund our game.

This means 1 badge is 200k. For 6 madden max Madden NFL players (I'll say average 26 per Madden NFL player) that could take 31 million coins. Are you saying you created 31 million during playing year? I used to play with a season per day once I was grinding for grandmasters and I left to that amount. I agree we need the bees to pour in money to keep Madden NFL alive and feed true programmers, I just meant there is a lot healthier means to do so.

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