Instead of buying any 1 item particularly
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Instead of buying any 1 item particularly

Megaomgchen, Gagret, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: June 23, 2020

Instead of buying any 1 item particularly, how about purchasing items in g.e. with existing offers below 5 percent ge value. Item needs to be in game for 1 year to qualify. Makes it harder for items. Creates a unspecified demand. Junk items can regain worth as a proportion of 20gp is going to qualify easier than a item costing 20,000. Presently the only market for many items are collections, store price and alch value, this would give value to collections of low value items as it provides resistance against them crashing further. Because their value can go up, pretty produces a stock exchange it is a great investment. The market will buy and delete and you can have the cash from game. To make selections problem a dividend.

With a margin. You're guaranteeing the thing will increase at the close of the day, by around 20% in the slightest. Two years down the track, with an increase we could observe inflation of commodity prices. Obviously this depends on people. As the ge updates a couple of times a day following a set couple of hours.

The thing of this day should update at precisely the exact same time based off data. This could make it hard if the set cost is above market, to guess and gain from. I would also suggest the item not be shown Until later even 24hr delay. Thinking about the most important supply of the kind of things in RuneScape are bot farms / gold farmers it's worth considering how this may interact with them. Since they can never oversupply will it make them a load of cash?

I agree that alot of careful thinking needs to be placed in before actually establishing something like this, but I really do believe that the total notion of turning cash into things and destroying it to get a possibility of a rare pet may actually work in-game, Jagex just must take it out of here. Simply use the amount from the day to buy whatever item it's the day that is current. If yesterday 10 bil was set then utilize 10 bil now towards thing x. Do not tell the players that item was chosen until after the money has been spent, or merely the following day or anything.

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