Given on WoW Classic buy gold wow classic eu
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Given on WoW Classic buy gold wow classic eu

New York, Chelora, Kerala, India Published date: March 23, 2020

Given on WoW Classic cheap wow classic gold already. Ion's decisions have already nerfed raid articles to be easier than LFR along with the huge content streamers need WoW Classic shifted for their biases. Seriously f#%# it. I will play Nostalrius 2 and observe Blizzard go bankrupt catering to folks who roll a class like warrior, die to level 10 murlocs and then cry about their paladin not being all powerful with a victim complex. Have fun with a transformed

broken WoW Classic based on individuals who do not see that you can't possess 40 man raids without lots of healers, rather than understanding that ALL CLASSES RESPEC TO RAID such as mages, rogues and warriors. The mage suspend PVE spec in early tiers does not have shatter. It is dreadful, yet you think they magicaly have exactly the same spec for PVE, goldfarming and PVP.

Obvious this man never raided in Vanilla that is the reason why he thinks Tier 1 and 2 had 16 debuffs (Ion lied to you idiot) and that 1.12 rogues"2 shot everybody" off older videos against undergeared players, frequently in various spots, when a few people even had a PC that may capture footage in 2004-2006. Meanwhile in 1.12 Reckoning paladins can one shot rogues (happened to Payo on livestream). Druids are among the best 1 v 1 classes (see StormX), ele shamans wreck people (visit Wrex) and hybrids are in no way poor and they were. Maybe you should have really learned to play that druid instead of attributing class design for the reason you failed. Then again that is why you remained on the course to have this built in excuse isn't it.

I'm a ele shaman primary btw and I respec to cure in raids along with you? Are trash. Shamans need no buffs, elemental doesn't have to be viable and you're a HEAL hybrid. If you are a heal hybrid which never gold wow classic cries offheals or dispels at a BG, you are trash. No one wants to play with you. If you don't want to learn how to heal then do not play a heal hybrid. Go drama that idiotic Anthem match or Destiny or the MMO YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Present WoW. You clowns crushed WoW and want to ruin it around again.

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