A large majority of RuneScape players don't take them
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A large majority of RuneScape players don't take them

Megaomgchen, Daulatpur-Una, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: October 10, 2020

This is not a criticism, but this is not a proposal, but this is not a question, this is a philosophical view. Please read the entire text, and should you're feeling the necessity to disprove me or show service, by all means do. Please don't attempt to act smart, that is not the purpose of this. When responding, I want YOUR view on the topic. Don't read what other people have place, simply put what you believe.

Do Mutes Function? I will create a few of these threads for you to go over the idea exhibited and to have your opinion on it. In this episode, I talk about the punishment method of the game, and the flaws it has. The next time, I'll discuss the game's economy, and the way people can affect it. Let's start off; what's a mute? Well, a mute is the punishment given to someone if they have broken up a rule to a extent that action must be taken against them. Let us bring out the key word there; punishment.

Punishments are given all of the time, for a massive collection of explanations. The most common of these are censor evasion, advertisements and talking inappropriate things. Why are the given? They are supposedly given to prevent someone creating another case of rule-breaking inside the community; and also to give the player time to think over their action, and weather they will do it . Can they have this desired result? No.

The problem with muting is that a big majority of gamers do not take them seriously or in the right way. Many players will instantly start complaining, ranting and planning revenge on the person that had initially reported them due to their actions, if the individual has come forward frankly. I shall explain this in more detail later on, there is another problem; Quickchat. Quickchat was created with two motives in mind. The first being to assist people display set messages quicker, and the second to allow people who are muted to communicate normally. Yes, communicate normally. Lots of people do not realise that people who are muted have as much freedom of speech as someone who is not. Yes, they can not explain complex matters, but they could still talk normally and fluently, and cause chaos.

The machine Quickchat was made with permits a set sequence of key strokes to say a particular phrase. There is nothing stopping somebody using these sequences repeatedly and flooding the conversation window with pointless phrases. They're muted, and they can still spam. The reason that they misuse this system isn't neccessarily it is there to misuse, they do it because they are in a situation they do not wish to be in, because in their view, someone has needlessly reported them to get a matter that they think is nice, even if it is serious. What they want to do so is cause as much chaos as possible as a revenge to this person, and when they do get unmuted, the very first thing they do is confront the individual who reported themif they know, or only flame around.

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