Alot of folks left over time as time continues
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Alot of folks left over time as time continues

Megaomgchen, DeraGopipur, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: June 18, 2020

As for complaining, I didn't start a thread to whine about mtx being OP or widespread. Never have. I answered a question posed by OP and gave my opinion that happened to be different than the person I originally responded to. And, obviously you do not have to do anything. You ignore it, whichever works for you or can complain about it all. I don't consider mtx at all and utilize my everyday keys. I could find all worked up over some new mtx thing, but it is a great deal easier to ignore it and simply have fun. Sure others get more xp using the promos than that I do, but I don't go all out max xp so It does not disturb me whatsoever.

Alot of folks left over time as time continues, and the MTX has gotten worse. RuneScape has lost popularity because the introduction of MTX, and lots of people left over time for OSRS aswell. Its rising with the corona situation however, in participant numbers and archeology being a powerful upgrade. Many still despise the MTX but the men and women who believed it ruined RuneScape left for the most part, so its doing good in its current state. Much like everyone left because EOC killed RuneScape. Yet here we are years later? If mtx maintain RuneScape alive another 10 years that is awesome. If RuneScape goes without mtx that is amazing. The mtx isn't engaged in by me.

Alot of folks did although everyone did not quit. OSRS having nearly 3 times the participant numbers while being an extremely outdated game kind of talks for just how much people did not like EOC and the MTX. RuneScape was huge and it will be a long time until it completely dies because of invested people are in RuneScape. I dislike MTX but play RuneScape every day because I enjoy it. Not everyone play for exactly the very same reasons though and for a few the"contest" aspect was significantly diminished with the introduction of MTX, and many others believed that their achievements didn't mean as much due to MTX. I believe it's completely fine to play RuneScape for those reasons so I don't blame people for quitting because of it.

I suggest you put more work into your news releases that are original? There's not when people read through and sufficient information and they place their opinions early. Release a movie describing the reasoning behind it and the ideas that people have of the information right in the start. "Fastest" achievements should be based on time spent on sport - not first come, first serve. Just like how King of the Ability functioned. You're just giving a free win to the no-lifers who perform 16 hours a day. Is anyone with a complete time occupation meant to compete with this?

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