I hope this will be like a massive Barbarian Community
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I hope this will be like a massive Barbarian Community

Dragonborn, Bagaha, Bihar, India Published date: September 2, 2021

I'm sure that most people have realized this already however, the Christmas candy cane boasts decent offensive and defensive statistics. It's not the most impressive statistics, but it does rank highly in a handful of areas of free items to play.

Obviously not the best however, the strength benefit is superior to the scimitar made of iron, making an effective weapon for 1 attack for players who are not paying. It is also the second best holiday weapon behind the scimitar. What is this all about? Are jagex planning to develop semi-useful holiday products? They've suggested they should do this, stating that "To an extent, we designers (and players) should accept that the Christmas items aren't going to be the most-used in the game, however this doesn't mean they are insignificant." (Dev Blog Holiday Event: A Christmas Warble). This idea is appealing to you, or are you just looking for something interesting to use in you are skilled?

I like this as it gives new players an incentive to finish the holiday events. I remember when I started runescape I was unsure of the need to attend the easter celebration, because since the ring was useless and all the great places to train were empty. I would have attended if I had known they were beneficial. It is a shame that I didn't, since I consider egg rings to be among the greatest rewards.

I've been curious as to what others think about the speculation of updates such as Acheron or Eastern Lands. So read my thoughts and then share your thoughts.

I hope this will be like a massive Barbarian Community, because Barbarians are famous for their kindness. Villagers help one another. Fisherman give to cookers, cooks give fighters). It will likely be quite large, I think. It will have a port of entry as well as hunter outposts. They would be the only places which wouldn't freeze. ).

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