It could be even better if I used a higher level of
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It could be even better if I used a higher level of

Dragonborn, Bagbahara, Chhattisgarh, India Published date: September 25, 2021

It could be even better if I used a higher level of. I used only 76 of the dung. Got up to 79.5. To see the amount of xp that was dung, we'd need determine the differences in xp between 76 and 79.5. I got around 7.5k per medium lamp. A medium lamp for 99 cost me 17k. There would have been much more xp gain if I used it on a higher-leveled skill.

You will only see 500k in rewards if you get all the pieces of dragon and guard. You can't get duplicates of an item once you have it in a set. This makes me believe that you will be more likely to receive items such as devine and god swords when all the sets are obtained. Would I suggest this? No. It will cost you between 1300 and 1600 for a 99. Not worth it.

Just a quick poll. I'm sure that a majority of people find the Yelp of Irritation buying spins annoying, but how do you feel about it affecting new players? Will they see it as part of the game? It could cause a lot of confusion for those who have been around but it will not make life easier for those who are familiar with how things are done.

Will skill feel less or be accepted as part and parcel of normal gameplay? I am honestly unsure if this matters for new players. Perhaps it's an advantage to them that the grind can be halted periodically with a small amount of cash. Do these skills really diminish once the initial money is spent?

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