NBA 2K Dictionary: 30 Terms, backed by Agent00
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NBA 2K Dictionary: 30 Terms, backed by Agent00

Megaomgchen, DeraGopipur, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: September 4, 2021

The first time this series launched, it was exclusive to the Dreamcast since it was made by Sega. The situation changed when Sega released the first version of NBA 2K2, as it became available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube making it accessible to a wider fan base. This was a crucial move for the series.

This game was significant in that it first showed realistic players' abilities, and taking shots at the right place on the court mattered for specific players. This would allow for the birth of the traits of a player's personality in later installments. The game also introduced new modes, improved the defense aspect of the game and included legends.

If you're still getting started with NBA 2K21, or even when you've been playing for a while, this short dictionary will allow you to blend in when you hop on the mic. NBA 2K is the most popular basketball simulation series ever developed, with a consistent release each year since 1999. The game has developed huge fan base and, like the majority of communities, slang adapted to these titles has become commonplace for players who are able to take their game online and engage with fellow gamers. Agent 00, a 2K content creator, is able to create and disseminate slang in order that players speak the same language throughout the globe.

Agent 00 said that "people who are part of the community just keep making up words to describe their experience with the game."
"Shooting all whites wasn't possible prior to the invention of an instrument for shooting that was white. This meant we needed a way to convey the feeling of getting a full white or even a full bar, and that's the best way to do it."

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