Source? And I feel Runescape is far past the peak
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Source? And I feel Runescape is far past the peak

Dragonborn, BarauniIOCTownship, Bihar, India Published date: October 14, 2021

Source? And I feel Runescape is far past the peak in its product lifespan and is beginning to fall, so Venture will just take advantage of it to the fullest extent worth, knowing that there is nothing truly innovative that could be done to revive Runescape, it is what it is.

It's reasonable to conclude, given the title of the initial post that it doesn't contain "Here are the facts", but rather "hypothesis" which is why I wrote "Fly On the Wall Listening in" during that fateful IVP/Jagex 2010.

Representatives from Insight Venture Partners to Jagex: This meeting focused on Jagex's cash flow. We were led to believe that this new "dungeoneering" update in April 2010 would increase your share of the market for gamers. Your cash flow hasn't improved since April 2010. You had the opportunity. We'll make things in our own way.

Is it possible that you thought the above statement with quotation marks correct? Anyone with a tiny amount of logic would not have asked "Source ?"... The conversation has to be proven. In other words the case of Jagex, there was an unintentional listening device in Jagex's walls. I've got access to the transcript of the recording device's transcript and I should now disclose the source. Anyone else would like to type "Source"? and thereby demonstrate utter lack of rational thought?

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