The long-running football simulator series from EA
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The long-running football simulator series from EA

Megaomgchen, Chenani, Jammu and Kashmir, India Published date: August 7, 2021

The long-running football simulator series from EA continues to sell well, despite the blatant criticism of the majority of its fan base. Madden NFL 21, the latest edition of the franchise has been a huge hit among players. It received a terrible Metacritic score and a lot of complaints. It was heavily criticized due to its sloppy physics and other bugs, as well as an unfinished the time of its launch, which resulted in being ranked among the top games of 2020. The game's fans even began to use the hashtag NFLDropEA on Twitter.

The first hint of the Madden NFL franchise coming back to Nintendo comes from Youtuber Doctre81 who found the job description for a "Online Software Engineer - (C+)" Madden," which dates up to November 2020. After further examination the listing, one of the sections required for the job requires two years of experience on "Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo gaming consoles." Although it's not sufficient to make a judgement of, prior similar job listings at EA do not mention Nintendo in their requirements. The most recent time that the series had an presence on a Nintendo platform was Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U. EA had previously stated that they wouldn't be bringing the series to Switch in the year 2018. However, the gaming giant is changing its views with the hybrid system.

If the idea behind the job posting be correct this would indicate an permanent shift in the relationship between the huge N and Electronic Arts, with several games from its catalog being accessible to the console's portable. Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale title, has been ported to Switch by the company. Many of its fans have complained of Apex Switch's slow processing speed as compared to their Xbox, PlayStation, or PC counterparts. Many fans have been dissatisfied by the poor graphics as well as the slow frame rates as well as the sloppy texture.

Nintendo has a solution, and this could be the reason why Madden will return. Although it has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo but there are rumors about Switch Pro hardware that could enable more graphically intensive games to be made available on the platform. The Switch Pro is expected to have 4K-quality graphics capabilities as well as NVIDIA DLSS technology. This should theoretically assist in handling more demanding games.

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