In turn, multiple demons and angels saw the Nephalem
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In turn, multiple demons and angels saw the Nephalem

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In turn, multiple demons and angels saw the Nephalem as threats. However, Lilith watched the Nephalem as her key to winning the Eternal Conflict. Thankfully, Inarius decided to"meditate" on the Topic of the Nephalem's extermination. However, Lilith became angry at the notion of killing her children. She changed into a horrific form and murdered all of Inarius' followers.

When Lilith purged Sanctuary of Inarius' followers, the Archangel banished her into the Void. The lore describes the Void as an"empty" realm that can imprison a variety of beings -- endless darkness. Rathma once described banishment to the Void as a fate"worse than death"

Unfortunately for Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred will end up extremely Familiar with the Void. Despite her return from the Void in time for the Sin War, Inarius will once more banish her spine. An associate of the Triune will pave way for Lilith's yield in Diablo 4 using a ritual of unknown origins.

Following Lilith's banishment, Inarius shifted the Worldstone to make sure the Nephalem would create weaker offsprings throughout the generations. This alteration would create the creation of helpless Humans, as well as the concealing of Sanctuary's true character. However, in spite of these machinations, time would have its way of revealing the realm into the warring sides of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Additionally, Lilith would come to learn of these alterations and form a plan of her own.

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