Now 2k20 is fine, personally I preferred 2k18
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Now 2k20 is fine, personally I preferred 2k18

Dharmsala, Himachal Pradesh, India Published date: May 15, 2020

Now 2k20 is fine, personally I preferred 2k18 (the bigs were OP no matter who they was, Dirk could catch 16 boards, block 5-6 dudes any night and take the net off) offline and I never caught 19. And they be coming out with these 30 GB upgrades that if your net sucks you're fucked.

You can not cheese in 2k just like you can in madden. Anyone who has played madden 20 and 2k20 will understand just what I mean with this. The same 3 plays offense and defense in madden can get you a up to 50+ pt blow a 3 pt reduction based on who you play. In 2k the cheese comes out of a giannis also it's stoppable with the right defensive settings. Thank god for scott OG along with his team, that guy has saved the entire 2k franchise out of a full out participant base riot.

I will disagree. Total Madden isn't riddled with micro transactions, is not as heavy handed with advertisements, you can drop into a quick game online without having to experience a terrible park system were you need to wait forever to get into a game. Online the neighborhood isn't full of people who only spam one set of actions to attempt to trigger an advantageous animation, equip specific animations to get an advantage(to the point where the neighborhood clamored to get it removed from the match ), or a specific team comp that's winning above 50 percent of its games. Folks here are complaining about how madden uses exactly the very same animations for decades now, yet 2k has ripped the entire neighborhood out from the previous couple years and glued it into every successive game.

From the Play. Madden( I haven't played with the current year) There isn't a minute of unskippable advertisements before I could sit down and play a game against my friend on my sofa. There is not minutes of BS that is unskippable before an online game. Nevertheless the community will still shield Ads in a match they paid $60 for and minutes of BS before every match for what? You can not turn 2ktv off in 2k20. Why? So you can watch the advertisement while Madden loads. Thats not to mention 2k20, as a basketball simulator, is terrible. It's only a poor basketball simulator. (NBA is a dreadful basketball simulation ). 2k20 in passing kinda like basketball, also appears feels as though it plays basketball should be played.

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