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  • Full name: Udar Sanjivani
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Get best Ayurvedic Medicine for Intestinal Problems

3240.00 Rs. - Indore (Madhya Pradesh) - November 1, 2022

Get the best Ayurvedic Medicine for Intestinal Problems. As it is filled with pure and potent herbs like Bhringraj, Punarnava, Rohitak, Giloy, Kasaundi, Kutki, Vaividang and many more, Udar Sanjivani offers you the greatest medication for intestinal issues. For those who experience recurrent intesti...

Buy Udar Sanjivani to get rid of heartburn fast

3240.00 Rs. - Indore (Madhya Pradesh) - October 21, 2022

Buy Udar Sanjivani greatest ayurvedic treatment to get rid of heartburn and any other stomach-related ailments. Udar sanjivani is made from a blend of pure and natural herbs. It promotes faster elimination and digestion, which lessens the feeling of heaviness and drowsiness after eating. As soon as ...

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